TuneraSoft, S.L.

Callejon de la Gata, 2
38760 Los Llanos / Todoque

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Ayoze, Miki, Saúl, Volker

Software developer on La Palma - TuneraSoft

The business idea: to offer customers cloud-based software with TuneraSoft, e.g. for workshops, landlords or channel managers - on a monthly rental basis.

The planned start was October 1, 2021 in our newly renovated office. For Saul and Ayoze their first own company and a new phase in life in self-employment, with its advantages and disadvantages.

19.9. 15:13 Earth opens and lava comes out

Volker and Miki didn't have any more time to take care of the next steps of the founded company TuneraSoft, S.L. Their houses as well as the office of La Palma 24 and the young company TuneraSoft on the upper floor were in acute danger. Our planned date: October 1st, 2021: was no longer a reality for us.

TuneraSoft first has a completely different problem: There is lava everywhere. And limitless suffering. Places and landscapes were destroyed, the damage is estimated at over 400 million euros. Many of our friends, acquaintances and customers have lost their property and had to move to emergency shelters.

We immediately agreed:

TuneraSoft starts on time, just different! We cannot and do not want to just pretend that nothing has happened. Our first project is therefore a completely different one:

TuneraSoft develops an interactive donation website and passes on 100% of the donation income. In addition, the company takes over the costs such as server, domain names, advertising costs, etc. as well as our working hours.

We will open a donation account or look for a non-profit association. and transfer the donations directly to this account.

Our goal is one million euros.

Day 30

Miki is shaken again

It's summer time and Miki sleeps until 8 Uhr.8 a.m. Then first change the clocks and get out.

The streets are still full of ash - the layer is about an inch high. All plants are black, solar panels have to be freed from the ashes with water hoses - otherwise there is no electricity today.

There is a recommendation for the communities of Los Llanos, El Paso, Tazacorte, Tijarafe and Puntagorda to stay in closed rooms.

A bit of office work and various phone calls. Later hose down the solar panels again - they are already black again.

day 30

5:52 p.m.: Another earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0. Miki's house in La Punta is shaken up quite a bit. That is borderline.

Dinner at home and early to bed.

Day 29

It's rumbling: 5.0

7 a.m .: Miki goes to the view point. He found his tripod yesterday, so he can now increase the exposure time and decrease the light sensitivity.

day 29

7.24 a.m.: It's rumbling. Earthquake 5.0.

9 a.m .: Miki has breakfast at home. Then edit photos on the cell phone and load them straight on to the media library of the La Palma 24 Journal.

Tidy up the dining table, i.e. the workplace, and organize papers.

1 p.m .: Departure towards the market in Puntagorda. Stop at Vega Norte - let's see what kind of white wine they have.

day 29 2

4.30 p.m.: Miki is back home. He has to free plants from the ashes - with a water hose. The wind has turned a little. At the moment there is little or no ash in the air.

7 p.m.: Dinner in Tijarafe.

11 p.m.: bed.

Day 28

Donation project: wait, wait, wait

6 a.m .: Miki takes photos and videos in Los Llanos and El Paso.

9.30 a.m .: Meeting with Dani in the Palminvest office about the future of car rental.

Buy a small shelf to tidy up the files.

Make phone calls and write emails.

day 28

11 a.m .: Ayoze comes into the office. Call the woman who is responsible for the credit card web connection again. She says she passed everything on. We have to wait for an answer from the headquarters.

The donation form has to be adjusted again because in Spain (and thus also in the Canary Islands) it is mandatory to record all the donor's data for donations of 100 euros or more. Because of money laundering. In Germany the laws are different.

2 p.m .: lunch and siesta.

Then various phone calls and emails.

Monday is a public holiday. Well, great.

7 p.m .: dinner in a pizzeria with three friends.

1 p.m .: back home.

Day 27


The news reports: 1,000 earthquakes in the past week.

6 a.m .: Miki drives up to the viewpoint - it's only five minutes away from the new home.

7 a.m .: We continue towards Los Llanos. Make volcano videos, create time lapse and upload it to the La Palma journal.

9.30 a.m .: In the Palminvest office: various appointments and phone calls.

11 a.m .: Ayoze comes into the office. He and Miki contact the bank and the credit card company again. It turns out: They still need more data for the donation project. For example: the maximum number of incoming messages per month or per day. What should we say?

day 27

12 noon: Miki meets a customer from the car rental company. He has to replace his car because the brakes apparently are making noises.

1 p.m .: back to La Punta - lunch and a short break.

2 p.m .: Miki is on the phone with Ayoze. They go through all the texts and functions of the donation website again. It could go online now - in theory. The only thing missing is the connection for payment by credit card. A PayPal account has also been set up - they charge a hefty fee: 1.9 percent plus 35 cents for each donation.

Tomorrow it has to work with the credit card payment. Otherwise there will be nothing before Tuesday because Monday is a public holiday.

Miki is desperat. He can actually do nothing

Day 26


7 a.m .: Miki takes photos and then drives to Los Llanos tothe office. Phone calls.

11 a.m .: Miki has his beard trimmed in thebarbershop. But nothing is cut on the chin. After all, he has a bet withthe volcano - and doesn't like to lose.

12.20 p.m.: Go to the bank andsign. The donation project now has an account number. Finally done! Thebank guarantees: No credit card fees will be charged for donations untilthe end of the year. Then talk to Ayoze on the phone. Tomorrow the "LaPalma Pixel" page can go online. PayPal also has to be integrated. Mikitalks to his son Daniel: What's next with the car rental business? Theplan: You want to take over the shares from Roland Weinrich.

Then talk to Ayoze on the phone. Tomorrow the "LaPalma Pixel" page can go online. PayPal also has to be integrated. Mikitalks to his son Daniel: What's next with the car rental business? Theplan: You want to take over the shares from Roland Weinrich.

2 p.m .: backhome. Eat, siesta. That was it for the time being with the Tunerasoftdiary, now the donation project can take off. Thanks to the many volunteersand support! Alone, says Miki, I could never have done it.

Day 25

One slip and refugees

6 a.m .: Miki gets up and watches the news onthe live stream.

lava tag 26

7 a.m.: A friend from England skidded on the lava ash inMiki's Suzuki Samurai. Examine the damage, call a tow truck.

10 a.m .: Inthe Los Llanos office. Then straight to the bank, which is just around thecorner. Question: What about the account number? We were assured thateverything would be finished today and that they will contact us by phone.Continue to translate texts into English and German. Various phone calls.

1.30 p.m .: Meeting with business partner Roland Weinrich. What is thefuture of the car rental that he and Miki founded in 2002?

4.30 p.m .:Short pit stop in the La Punta car bar. How many "refugees" from Los Llanosyou meet here is amazing. Because of the volcanic eruption, they all livehere in La Punta and further north.

7 p.m .: Miki arrives at home. Dinnerand early to bed.

Day 24

Cars and gardening

8 a.m .: Miki meets Volker in the Palminvestoffice.

lava tag 25

9 a.m .: Conversation with the lawyer. How will Miki be compensatedfor the loss of the avocado plantation? Find, scan and send papers andpictures (private house and car rental) for the insurance companies. Officework and phone calls.

1 p.m .: Miki stops by Taller Chopo in La Laguna.There are still two VW buses (T2) and a Renault R5 that do not start. Atthe moment everything is safe there.

2pm: lunch in La Punta and siesta. Afew more hours of gardening later to get other thoughts.

8 p.m .: dinner, alittle time on the computer and sleep.

Day 23

The first rental and a lot of ashes.

Today the earth shook again.Between 5.25 and 6.57 a.m. with a strength of 3.5 to 3.9.

8 a.m .: Mikitakes photos again from the viewpoint, which is less than five minutes awayby car.

9 a.m .: Have breakfast at home. Then Miki calls the house ownerand asks if he and Heidrun can stay here for the next six months. He saysyes.

lava tag 24

10 a.m .: Miki rides his motorcycle (a Honda CRF 250) in the directionof Palminvest. Someone actually rented the motorcycle, the customer iscoming from Zurich by direct flight today.

11.30 a.m .: Briefing in theoffice with Ayoze and Miki's son Daniel: What does the future hold? What isthe volcano doing?

1 p.m .: Miki drives back to La Punta in a Fiat PandaCross. Short stop at the petrol station in Tazacorte - they have a steamjet: free the Fiat from ash rain. He was in Argual for three weeks.

2pm:Quick lunch and then gardening with a friend. That lasts until 6.30 p.m. Inbetween, various phone calls with acquaintances, customers and friends.Dinner and early this morning to bed.

Day 22

View lots and clear trees

8 am: Breakfast at home. After that, Mikiwatered the new garden for almost two hours, spraying plants and trees tofree them from the lava sand.

lava tag 23

11 a.m .: Miki meets Volker in Tijarafe (henow also lives in this area). We visit different properties. Volker tellsabout the A-Team campaign (these are the dog rescuers) and shows me thevideo.

12 o'clock: Telephone calls with business partners from Tunerasoft,Dörthe von La Palma24 and with son Daniel.

1.30 p.m .: lunch. Then Mikiwrites a report about the A-Team and publishes it in the La Palma 24Journal. Internet is extremely slow today. Then water the four avocadotrees on the property again extensively. They needed it.

7 p.m .: Go out toeat with some friends. Then check the current situation in terms ofvolcanoes.

Around 11 p.m. to bed.

Day 21

At the airport

6 a.m .: The weather report says rain until Sunday. Hard to judge whether this is good in view of all the ashes that are lying around.

7 a.m .: Miki drives to the volcano to take photos - but the visibility is poor today.

8.30 a.m .: Meeting with Ayoze in the Palminvest office. The application for Donation payment by credit card online (Spanish "TPV virtual") must be made.

10 a.m .: Miki starts to the Taller Chopo to bring the rest from the yard after yesterday. 15 cars, various boxes of tools, tires and stuff that is too good to throw away.

lava tag 22

He has also got permission from the Yanes car rental company in El Paso to park ten of his cars on the Yanes property near the airport. That fills the morning. On the way back, Miki takes photos of the lava tongue in the direction of La Laguna - it looks really bad.

lava tag 22

He also takes his beloved football table with him to the east side.

2 p.m .: lunch and half an hour's sleep. Then Miki continues to write texts for the trilingual planned "La Palma Pixel" page.

6 p.m .: Off to the pizzeria in Tijarafe. And then play pool again for the first time in a long time. A little bit of normality.

Day 20

Sudden move

6 a.m .: Miki draws up a list of the losses suffered for the insurance company, then takes more photos of the volcano and a video.

lava tag 21

8.30 a.m .: In the Palminvest office. Chuss needs more signatures for the donation project. He has an appointment with the tax office around noon. Check again all functions of the "La Palma Pixel" website, check all texts - they have to be translated into Spanish and English.

11.30 a.m.: Pedro Chopo from La Laguna calls. Miki has stored a few things with him. But they

all have to get out again by tomorrow evening. Despair. "I feel like a traveling circus," says Miki. Lava destroyed the petrol station in La Laguna, and the church a little further down won‘t stay mich longer either.

11.45 a.m.: Call from Chuss. The tax number for the donation association has been issued. Finally something positive. Ayoze and Miki immediately go to Banco Santander with the documents. Antonio, the employee there, says that everything should actually be ready by tomorrow. lava day 21 santander.

1 p.m .: Off to the Taller Chopo. Miki's business partner in car rental is already there. He takes care of the seven eBikes. Miki roughly frees an open Suzuki Samurai from the lava sand and drives it home to La Punta. Then he calls friends and acquaintances - who can lend him a small truck or pickup? He is successful at Gerion: "No problem," he says. Gerion and two other friends want to come to Taller Chopo later.

3.30 p.m .: Arrival at Chopo. Sound out the location. Sort the boxes and remove the lava sand. Two motorcycles that do not start go on a small truck. In addition, a large compressor and other items. The group then drives north to Puntagorda, where the boys have a new place to store everything. On the way a quick soft drink (beer) at the petrol station in Puntagorda. The next horror scenario: If the volcano does not finally give peace, it will also cost the town of Tazacorte in the next few weeks - one would not even want to imagine this.

Day 19

The tax ref number comes tomorrow, Miki's house is gone

7 a.m .: Miki has to clean his Canon D7 today - the camera looks pretty worn after more than a month f volcanoes and lava dust. The buttons and dials crackle and crack.

lava tag 20

8.30 a.m .: Max, Volker Ayoze and Saul sign the association's statutes in the Palminvest office. Then Chuss comes to pick up the papers and email them to the responsible authorities. He still has an appointment with the tax office today to get the CIF (Spanish tax number). With this number the way is free to finally open the account for the non-profit association.

10.30 a.m.: Miki's house is really gone now. Buried by the lava that has meanwhile reached the center of La Laguna. The petrol station there is also flat. Soon it will hit the church as well.

11 a.m .: Appointment at Banco Santander in Los Llanos about the donation account. Then back to the office to adjust the texts for "La Palma Pixel" and to check the functions of the website. There are still some issues with the various browsers and operating systems.

13 o'clock. Miki is going home. Lunch and then phone calls. Chuss doesn’t answer - so today probably nothing will happen with the tax number. Hopefully it will work tomorrow. The garden of Heidrun and Miki's new home must definitely be watered, on La Palma there has been a Calima, the sand wind from Africa, with high temperatures for days.

10.30 p.m.: Chuss sends a WhatsApp. He'll stop by the office tomorrow morning because we have more papers to sign.

Day 18

ARD is coming, the house is still there

6.30 a.m .: Get up, coffee, watch the news.

7.30 a.m.: Miki goes to the El Time viewpoint to take a few photos for the La Palma 24 Journal. There he talks to a group of Palmeros. A lava flow now apparently continues in the direction of La Laguna - Camino Cumplido. Now it's getting really tight for Miki's already abandoned house that is located there.

lava tag 19

9.30 a.m.: Miki meets Max from Solarmax in the Palminvest office. He says the lava runs over the property on which the Monta car rental is located, as well as the houses of Buffy, Max, Miki's stepfather Marcel and on the other street Max's sister Anna. Miki's house is about 150 meters below, on the right side of the Camino Cumplido.

Then to the office. A couple of phone calls - e.g. calling Chuss. When will the statutes for the foundation of the association finally be ready to be signed? He says his lawyer isn't on the phone right now. He must have court hearings.

A video tutorial is still missing to present the functions of the donation website in detail. The text on the opening page needs to be adjusted.

1 p.m .: Departure back to La Punta - lunch and short siesta.

Chuss doesn't answer the phone later either - another day passed without an account number? Miki makes further phone calls with his employees and the Tunerasoft team.

4 p.m .: Miki starts again towards Los Llanos when the mobile phone rings: A team from ARD-Weltspiegel is on the island and asks if they can meet.

Miki drives to Lidl in Los Llanos - opposite is a reporting point for people affected by the volcano. There data from him and Heidrun are recorded.

5.30 p.m .: Meeting with Dörthe in the office. At 6 p.m. there is an appointment with Chuss and his sister and other affected people in El Paso who may also want to found a non-profit association. Chuss brought the statutes from the lawyer to be signed. Finally!!!!


ARD television team comes by and takes a few recordings. They are looking for more volcano victims who can speak Spanish for their report. Miki tries to organize appointments with Palmeros who have lost everything. Unfortunately, that's easy. He knows so many.

8 p.m .: Finally back home. Miki receives photos and videos via WhatsApp that show: The lava flow is currently passing the old house on the left and right. It still stands!

10 p.m .: Watch the live stream from the volcano again. He has gained. Things are looking worse for the house again. It is to be crazy.

Day 17

A television crew is coming

7 a.m .: Miki drives to Los Llanos to take photos and a video of the volcano. To see on www.la-palma24.info .

tag 17

8 am: Continue to Argual to “La Casa Massieu”. The current situation of those affected is recorded there. In Miki's case: the house has not been habitable since September 19, the finca no longer exists, three business premises and 800 square meters of land have been destroyed, an apartment in Puerto Naos is no longer accessible - the road there is blocked by the lava flow. The man who wrote down the information says: I have not yet recorded such a serious case.

10.30 a.m .: Arrival at the Palminvest office. Discussions and appointments with insurance companies and tax advisors. Chuss comes to the office to collect the founding members' ID copies. This takes you to the lawyer, who records the statutes of the association through which the donation project is to run.

1 p.m .: A TV team from Pro7 comes into the office. You want to make recordings of Dörthe and Miki for the show "Taff". Hopefully the broadcast will make the donation website better known.

Then Miki drives with Volker and Ayoze to a property that is suitable for the car rental business.

4.30pm: Late lunch and short break in La Punta. A little more gardening - for Miki it's like meditation. Then various phone calls with father and friends from Germany. Going to bed early. It was another long and exciting day.

Day 16

tag 17 1

tag 17 2

Day 15

Damage report and finally a hairdresser appointment.

7.30 a.m .: Departure from La Punta towards Aridane Valley (Los Llanos).

Today the visibility is bad, so no photos. Miki continues to Argual to "La Casa Massieu", where the flea market takes place every Sunday. The volcano victims should register here. A nice young man from Tenerife records in detail the total loss of the avocado finca that Miki and Volker have managed for about six years.

Then to the Palminvest office. Talk about the next steps. Volker has to go to the airport, his son is flying to Tenerife.

tag 16 2

The air is not good. Miki drives towards La Laguna and on the way to "Taller Chopo" sees that the sliding gate to the property is open. Let's see if we can have a coffee? Short conversation with Pedro. We decide to set up the foosball table from Miki's house again.

2.30 p.m .: Miki at the hairdresser. Finally he trims his beard and has a haircut. He hasn't shaved since September 19th and looks accordingly. The beard only comes off completely when the volcano is calm. There is a pool table in the hairdressing saloon. After the barber a quick game is played. This is almost impossible with these queues.

tag 16 1

Now it's back to the new home: La Punta. Late lunch and a short break, later a little gardening and then dinner behind Tijarafe in the “Mirador Restaurante La Muralla”.

Day 14

Only bad news

7.30 a.m .: Miki drives towards La Laguna - let's see if the house is still standing. Conversation with an older Palmero who was looking towards the sea on La Laguna. He said the house was still standing - the lava had come off a little further south. Which in turn could mean the end for the avocado finca with 130 trees.

tag 15

Our Ducati Desert Sled Fasthouse is a numbered edition limited to 800 pieces. La Palma 24 volcano edition only one model worldwide.

10 a.m .: Arrival at Taller Chopo, where nine rental motorcycles are stored. The plan: free you of volcanic ash and then bring it to an underground parking space you rented yesterday.

12.30 p.m .: Meeting with Ayoze in the Palminvest office for discussion. It's about the founding of the association, website, texts, the donation account.

1 p.m .: meeting with Vera. She is a freelance journalist and writes the texts for our donation website.

1.30 p.m .: Info from Volker, who, together with Miki, owns the avocado finca. The lava flattened the finca.

Back towards La Punta, the new home of Miki's family. Stop at the El Time viewpoint. Taken photos of billows of smoke that can be seen where the avocado trees were.

tag 15 el time

Lunch and a short break. Let everything sink in. Then do a bit of gardening to get other thoughts.

7pm: Have a pizza with friends in Tijarafe.

Miki analyzes the current situation with Heidrun:

- The business premises, so the offices of La Palma 24 and TuneraSoft, the washing area, the small workshop of the car rental company (an area of ​​800 m³) - everything covered by lava.

- Heidrun's yoga room, rented from the Asociacion de Vecinos Timaba: destroyed by the lava.

- There is no longer any access to the apartment in Puerto Naos, which Heidrun and Miki always rented: the road to Puerto Naos is cut off by lava.

- The house in which the two have lived since 1997 and in which the son, who was born on La Palma, grew up, has been in the restricted zone since the volcanic eruption on September 19th. If things continue like this, as all experts predict, it will only be a matter of time before the lava destroys the house.

However, we know that many people are worse off here than we are.

Day 13

Donation association: seven founding members

7 a.m .: Miki drives towards the Aridane Valley. Take photos for the website on the go. Check location - is the house still standing? Yes. Keep an eye out for new damage in La Laguna.

tag 14

9 am: arrival at the office. Edit and organize photos, various phone calls. Chuss is on the phone: his lawyer is preparing the association's statutes. We need at least three founding members (more would be better) and copies of their IDs.

Accidentally met Max. Miki worked for his car rental company for almost ten years from 1992. Max has his young company Solarmax and his car rental office a little above Miki's house in Camino Cumplido. He says it doesn't look good.

When Max heard about the donation association, he immediately made himself available as a founding member. So now there are already seven people: four from TuneraSoft plus Chuss, Max and Dörthe. The only thing missing is a treasurer.

Back at the Palminvest, Miki tells Volker that he has to take over the post in the charitable project first.

Our two developers are already programming software tailored to the association for entries and exits on the donation account and a database for donors and recipients of donations. Everything can be accessed in the cloud and via a password.

The main texts for the website in three languages ​​and the terms and conditions are still missing. A lawyer friend and Vera, who usually writes news for the LP24 journal, help us with this.

Miki is going to the new home, there are problems with a neighbor.

Day 12

The donation account is making progress

7 a.m .: Drive to El Time viewpoint to take photos and check the lava.

tag 12

8.30 a.m .: Arrival in Los Llanos. A quick coffee and initial discussions on the current state of affairs. The Spanish President Pedro Sánchez is expected today on La Palma.

9 a.m. to 1 p.m .: Appointments and phone calls in the Palminvest office. Chuss has an appointment with the lawyer. It's about founding a non-profit association, which is a prerequisite for the donation project. Volker and Ayoze accompany him.

Ayoze has shown the first demo version of the donation page. Looks great! Discuss the final details. The whole thing should go online on Sunday. Problem: An account number is still missing.

At a press conference, Miguel Angel Morcuende, the director of PEVOLCA, announced that the air quality should deteriorate in the next few days: Fine Saharan dust will be carried towards the Canary Islands, say the meteorologists.

2 p.m .: Back in La Punta. Having lunch. Then a phone call with Ayoze. As soon as the articles of association has been submitted, we will receive a tax number. The donation account can be opened for me. It can take up to three months for the association to be registered.

20 earthquakes have been registered in the last few hours ...

Driven again with escort to Miki's house in La Laguna. Take pictures because of the insurance. Save webcam from the coming lava.

Day 11

Día de la Hispanidad

Today is a public holiday in Spain. Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12, 1492, which is why the Día de la Hispanidad is usually referred to as "Columbus Day" or "America Day".

7.45 a.m .: Short stop at El Time viewpoint. Two younger Palmeros say that the lava has reached the Camino Cumplido. That wouldn't be good, because Miki's house is further down there. Telephone calls about the current situation with our team.

11.17 a.m.: Last photo from our webcam in La Laguna - it has no electricity and no internet. Unfortunately, we had to leave the webcam behind as we had no tools for dismantling it.

tag 11

11.30 a.m.: With Volker back to Miki's house because his Nissan Patrol is there - he had completely forgotten about it. Empty the freezer. Final check whether there are still valuables in the house. Later, quickly fetch the chainsaw from Miki's avocado finca - it is now also extremely threatened by the lava. The Spar supermarket in La Laguna has been completely emptied.

800 people are evacuated in La Laguna. They are allowed to go back to their accommodations to clear them out. Well over 6000 people are now affected by the volcanic eruption.

14:30 horas: conversación telefónica con Chus. Mañana tiene cita con el abogado. Quizá exista una posibilidad de obtener con rapidez un número de cuenta para las donaciones.

2.30 p.m .: phone call with Chuss. He has an appointment with the lawyer tomorrow. It may be possible to get a donation account number quickly.

5.30 a.m .: Arrival in La Punta - the new home of Miki's family. Volkers Pickup and Miki's VW Caddy are both fully loaded with things from the evacuated house. Late lunch.

4.30 p.m .: Call from Margrit Bruce, whose house in La Laguna is also threatened. Miki wants to try to rescue valuables from her house tomorrow.

Evacuate La Laguna houses and halls until 10:00 p.m. - before the area was finally evacuated.

Later a phone call with Ayoze: project discussion for the website etc.

The volcano with no name shows no signs of fatigue. Scientists agree that the volcano will continue to be mischievous. How long? Nobody knows.

Try to sleep early - it was a turbulent day again

Day 10

Over 1100 houses destroyed.

Today we start with current volcano numbers:

- So far 125 million cubic meters of magma output on La Palma

- 1186 houses destroyed, 95 damaged

- 38.3 km of road disappeared

- 497 hectares of land covered by lava

7 a.m .: Miki goes to take more photos.

tag 10

8.30 a.m .: Meeting with Volker and Ayoze at Palminvest. We could go online with the donation website on Sunday - if we finally find a tax-unproblematic donation account.

The Todoque office is now history. Miki has an appointment at the insurance office in Los Llanos - let's see what they pay for.

WhatsApp from Chuss: He wants to get in touch later and discuss the possibility of founding a club. Island President Mariano Zapata has still not contacted us. That will probably take, because tomorrow is a holiday on La Palma: "Día de la Hispanidad".

Day 9

Pharmacy destroyed

6.30 a.m .: Take photos and check the situation. Then coffee and breakfast in the bar at the gas station in El Paso. There they say that Todoque's pharmacy is no longer there. Miki drives straight to the intersection in La Laguna and asks the police. The announces that the building was actually destroyed by the lava around 3 a.m.

day 9

Inform all employees. Hope the lava doesn't run any further north.

Day 8

New rumors and a pool table

6.30 a.m .: There's a new volcano opening! The lava suddenly flows towards the industrial area and Callejon de la Gata. After we had already hoped that everything would go well for our offices (car rental, holiday home agency and TuneraSoft), things are now looking bad again.

day 8 El time

In addition, rumors are spreading that the lava could reach La Laguna as well. Many residents in the Camino Cumplido are already starting to vacate their homes. Miki's private house is also there.

11 a.m .: The football table in Miki's house was dismantled and placed with a friend. Went relatively quickly. It was more difficult with the pool table (approx. 450 kg weight), which was there before Dani was born. At around 6 p.m. everything was dismantled and stowed in a VW Caddy. Now only the refrigerator needs to be emptied...

billar miki day 8

Day 7

An appointment with the dentist and the president.

Today it is very hazy, unfortunately we cannot offer any current volcano photos.

8.30 a.m.: Miki has an appointment with the dentist. An inlay must be used that was blown out the day before the volcanic eruption. Antonio, the dentist, is by the way the brother of Raul Camacho, the tourism minister of La Palma.

Then it's off to pick up the signs:




Unfortunately the Spanish version has a typing error, so we can only use two for now.

Day7 Palminvest

11 a.m .: We all meet in the Palminvest office for the first team photo (which a Palminvest customer kindly takes - thank you again!). Out of sheer luck, we put it online right away.

Around 12 noon we happened to meet the island's president Mariano Hernandez Zapata and of course we told him about the donation project. The secretary takes note of Volker's cell phone number. We hope that Mariano will contact us on Monday and that we will get an appointment.

New inlay, first team photo, and maybe the president will help us ... that was a successful day!

Day 6

Palminvest office. This time: Sorting the volcano photos from Miki's cell phone and Canon camera. A lot has come together since the volcanic eruption!

Later meeting with Román Muñoz Díaz (Chuss), the former tennis coach of Daniel (Miki's son). He had already read about our project in the internet diary and was immediately enthusiastic. He says his family raised around 8,000 euros. Everyone helps where possible.

El time Volcan

Chuss now wants to contact a well-known lawyer and ask him how quickly you can find a non-profit association on La Palma.

Around noon, Miki visits the non-opened office above the pharmacy in Todoque again: save the last valuables, take photos.

On the way to the exclusion zone with Dani and two companions, we happened to get to know Saul's father, the partner in our new company TuneraSoft S.L. (S.L. corresponds roughly to the German GmbH). What a surprise! We show him our office and his son's workplace.

Take a few photos quickly - and get out! 3 p.m .: Chuss ’lawyer says the whole thing is not his area of ​​expertise. Tomorrow, Chuss wants to try another friend ... so another day is lost when it comes to opening an account.

Let's see if we can get ahead tomorrow. Otherwise everything goes according to plan. Ajoze has already shown us a local demo version of our donation website.

There are also requests from friends and customers as to when they can finally donate ...

Day 5

This bureaucracy ...

8.30 a.m .: Meeting at Palminvest, we check the situation of the volcano. The lava tongue does not seem to have spread any further. In a press conference, however, PEVOLCA Director Angel Morcuende emphasized that an early end to the outbreak is not yet in sight. On the contrary. This means that 250,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and 1,600 tons of CO2 are still being released every day.

El time Volcan

Call Volker. The club in Todoque has canceled. They are probably overwhelmed with such a project, although they have lost everything: a bar behind the church and a large ballroom. Heidrun had given her yoga classes there before the outbreak.

The lawyer from Germany calls. He did some research and said we could set up a non-profit organization for the donation project, but that would take far too long. We should rather ask in the community, they have donation accounts.

We're trying to get an appointment with the mayor of Los Llanos. Also on the note pad today: define the complete design of the donation website, plan the main menu, check the donation form, prepare texts (in 3 languages). > > Telephone call with father who lives in Germany. Tomorrow he asks the Stuttgart tax office whether a community in the Canary Islands is even allowed to issue valid proof of donations. > > It's getting annoying with the bureaucracy. We just want to collect money for those affected.

Day 4

New earthquakes 8.30 a.m .: Meeting with Volker in Los Llanos. We need an account number for incoming donations quickly.

The tax advisor has not yet contacted us and cannot be reached by phone. No wonder, he has enough problems: Many of his customers are directly affected. After all, we are a disaster area.

In the meantime we are organizing the registration of our TuneraSoft logo.

Online conference with our programmers. We clarify questions such as: Long loading times for the mobile phone version, pricing of donations, designing online forms, terms and conditions and data protection, etc. Then suddenly a swarm of earthquakes - it's the strongest activity since the volcano erupted. A single thunder and tremor, noticeable up to El Time and beyond.

El time Volcan

The La Laguna pharmacy is being emptied, the petrol was pumped out yesterday at the local petrol station.

We need a non-profit association that can issue donation receipts as soon as possible.

Volker calls the Asociación de Vecinos Timaba in Todoque - we will meet tomorrow morning to see whether this association from Todoque can be the right partner for our donation project.

Day 3 translations into Spanish and English are online.

Day 3

946 buildings completely destroyed

At 7 am we meet Volker at Palminvest and exchange news. 8.30 am: Meeting with the tax advisor. He says the donations have to go to a non-profit organization. He knows two who are possible and will be back by tomorrow morning. We send the texts from day 2 to our translator.

The volcano meanwhile spits more lava and fire again - nobody knows how much longer. According to Sunday statistics, 1074 buildings on La Palma are now affected by the outbreak and 946 of them are completely destroyed. There was no update today.


Our website has been available in three languages since 12 noon. Two more domain names (in English and Spanish) are now also available - they will be forwarded to the corresponding page.



And one more thing: more donation pledges come in. This time by Thomas Wülbeck, Miki's school friend from Stuttgart - 500 euros!


Tag 2

We have reinforcement!

The donation project continues to take shape.

We meet in Volker's Palminvest office, our new temporary office in Los Llanos.


Volker got an appointment for a consultation with our tax advisor tomorrow at 8 am.

Miki Telephone conversation with a lawyer from Germany, who is a long-time customer of La Palma 24 and has a house on La Palma. He also offers to help.

Phone call to a friend of a friend who knows about donations. He said it was important that it should be an international association that could issue donation receipts.

Project discussion on donation website with our programmers Ayozé and Saul.

We have already found translators: Susanne and Katy Weinrich will take over Spanish. The Weinrich family is one of the first immigrants to La Palma.

And the latest news: Margrit Bruce does the translations into English. The widow of the legendary bass player, singer and composer Jack Bruce ("Cream")

We will be online in Spanish and English by tomorrow at the latest.

In the meantime, a long-standing customer from Switzerland, Martin Egeler, has agreed to donate 1,000 euros. Joy.

To be continued.

Day 1

Day 1

October 1, 2021

Day 0

5 a.m .: Up to the El Time viewpoint. A new crater opening can be seen. It seems to run in the direction of Callejon de la Gata, where at the end our car rental office and holiday home rental agency is situated.

Various phone calls with customers, our team and friends. Forewarning.

From the authorities' side there are still no useful Information. We see a couple of drone videos.

Fine-tuning of our TuneraSoft logo with Silvia Discuss Rupp, configure the server, etc. 6 p.m.: TuneraSoft goes online. The first link is: